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Hung Art Student Daudi


Barista Daudi is a beautiful Afro American Italian Graduate Art Student raised in Southern California with a a tight all-natural smooth boy-body, ripped abs, amazing big black bubble butt, and a long Afro-American cock, neatly braided hair who flexes and poses in his workout clothes and sexy underwear, strips fully naked for a sweaty nudist workout session with a throbbing boner, jerks his cock while standing in the sun, gets down on his hands and knees with his big butt in the air to paint a banister beside the Oregon forest, takes a long piss outdoors, before jerking off indoors while manhandling his heavy nuts, before before shooting a massive load of jizz all over his smooth ripped abs and opening his man hole in the shower for the first time on camera in in this Exclusive New video from Island Studs. His Father from North African and his Italian Mother from the Island of Sicily, decided to call him Daudi, the North African name for 'David' after seeing the statue of David in Firenze, Italy! What a perfect name for this ripped 24 year old, 5'9", 150 lbs stud with the lean tight muscle body, just like his name sake: the Statue of David! His creamy light-chocolate mixed race skin is a sexy contrast to the lush green Oregon forest. This well spoken Graduate Student in Fine Art specialize in Erotic Painting and Drawings and works at a popular coffee shop in Oregon, in between classes . Image hung ripped, Daudi as your personal naked Barista making your cappuccino in the morning! He is proud of his unique Ethnic mix and his erotic drawings and paintings! Feast your eyes on Daudi's amazing Bubble Butt as he moons the camera wearing only his ultra-tight blue Calvin's that can barely contain his thick muscle ass. Watch as Daudi turns to the camera and flops out his big beautiful black cock and balls out of his undies and strokes his big cock to a full erection with a sexy smile! The camera moves around his rock hard body and his big black athletic ass as he performs a whole workout routine with gym weights naked on the deck in the sun. It is obvious from his ripped hard body that he spends many hours a week working out at the University Gym. What an Afro - American Italian Grad Student fantasy! For the Island Studs popular Naked Worker Series, I put this erotic painter to work painting the wooden balcony outdoors, fully nude! Watch as he gets down on his knees to paint the railing with his amazing thick black bubble butt in the sun. As he bends over doing his naked chores his smooth ass cheeks open wide revealing his pink boy hole to the cameras! Listen to Daudi's replay when I remind him that he is NOW a beautiful piece of Erotic Art as our Naked Model! The camera captures Daudi from EVERY ANGLE as his sweaty chocolate brown boy-body glistens in the sun! We get great views of Daudi's sweet brown butt hole as he bends over working with his balls dangling between his hairless ass cheeks! What a great muscle ass on this thin ripped Art Student! Engrossed in his naked painting work, Daudi even gets covered in white paint as he works unaware of our cameras! He even gets white paint on the bottom of his perfect brown feet - all caught on camera in this new video! After he cleans up from his nudist paint job, horny Daudi sits down on the sofa inside for a long jerk off session. This hung Afro American Italian Jock manhandles his big balls and long black cock. It is so sexy to watch a REAL Artist please himself in this private way on camera for the first time. Daudi's cum shot is priceless! This friendly hung Stud closes his eyes and leans his head back in ecstasy as he covers his hands and ripped 8-pack abs with loads of sticky white creamy jizz! Listen to him as he sits there exhausted, dripping cum and talks about his first time unloading on camera. See the contrast of delicious white creamy jizz all over his ripped lean black body. To clean up the mess, Daudi takes a sexy hot soapy shower. This shower scene is NOT TO BE MISSED! This sexy black stallion enjoys showing OFF for the camera as he soaps up his throbbing boner, rock hard abs and bubble butt! He is not shy as he turns to the camera and opens up his ass in the shower! We get another great view of that virgin straight boy butt! But the best is yet to come! Once fully dressed and outside by his car, Daudi confesses he has to pee! Watch as he pulls down his white pants all the way to the ground, grabs his soft cock to take a long private piss outside wearing his white shoes! Bright yellow pee splashing from the gravel driveway on to his clean white shoes! Watching a fully clothed boy piss outside is so sexy! Daudi is one HOT Island Stud! We are happy to have met this sexy mixed race Afro American Italian Art Student and Barista! Enjoy every inch of Daudi's killer body and throbbing cock in his is first ever erotic video for Island Studs. Available Now! See all the private sweaty action in our Members Area today. Instant Access NOW!

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