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Pool Play


Calvin Banks is lookin like a snack by the pools edge and horny water nymph Collin Adams is hungry! He convinces the hot hunk to take a dip; but, our boy doesnt have a suit. He does, however, have a huge cock, and takes the opportunity to to go skinny dipping and show it off. The naked hunk tosses the twink in the air as the pretty pair splash around, wrestling in the water. After a sun kissed make out session, the guys hit the pool house, and Calvin dives face First into Adams amazing ass. He spreads the boys alabaster cheeks, drives his tongue in deep and thrashes his head back and forth and eats hole like its his last meal! He smacks Collins well worked pucker, stands up, spits on his thick dick, then drives it deep inside Adams warm cockpit. He works the tight twink tunnel like a true cocksmith with perfect pounding rhythm and a sexy side of dirty talk. Keeping complete control like a true top, Banks orders the pretty boy to turn around; then, he stands up and feeds him a full course of cock. After one of the hottest 69 sessions on record, Banks heads back in that Butt with a sizzling side smash which has Adams squealing! He thumbs his bottoms cock sucker and stands back to look at his work. Collins can is hot, wet, and pink with pleasure. He finger bangs the boys button, then pile drives the dude while standing on the bed! His cock slides out of Collins slot; then, he fills it with an epic load. The perfect pool of cum oozes down Collins crack and creates a nice shot of nut. Banks shoots the tasty treat like a shot, eating every ounce he blew into Adams ass. Ever the considerate cock slinger, Banks finger bangs his bottom till the boy busts all over his tight twink torso. Then, he gives him a taste off his cummy finger.

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