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Johnny Hands and Aiden Garcia have taken their relationship to the next level and moved in together. Mr. Fix It, Johnny is sprucing the place up with a little paint and would love some help from his new live in lover; but, Aiden isnt the do it yourself type. He teases Hands and asks, whats in it for me? Without missing a beat, Hands heats up the afternoon with, I guess I could dick you down, and then, theyre off to the races! Handsome Hands fills Garcias gullet with his huge groin. Then, returns the favor in spades, upping the ante with an epic ass eating. After the appetizer, johnny delivers a heaping helping of dick for dinner. He raw dogs the dude on all fours, then orders his bareback boy to get on top. Garcia grinds his golden bronze booty on Johnnys junk hard, as Hands cups his smooth caboose. Top jock Johnny tosses the twink onto the bed and quickly buries his bone back where it belongs. The hot man handling and Hands hard hitting hammer heat Aiden to the boiling point and, the pretty boy explodes, splattering sperm all over his tight, tan torso. Johnny steps on the thrust throttle, pumping peen at optimum speed on their climax collision course. He pulls out and christens their new place with buckets of bust in an epic money shot, worthy of an award!

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