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Bathroom Break


It's hard to sneak away with five buddies hanging out playing video games, but Collin Adams is hungry for cock and isn't gonna let pleasantries stand in the way of his porn star appetite! Kevin Daley is lookin' fine as hell seated next to him so he gives the guy a little toe tickle as a signal, then hightails his hot tail to the adjacent bathroom. Naturally Kevin follows. He instantly lays a lusty lip lock and a game of grab ass down on the dude. Collin grabs at Kevin's horse cock then whips the whopper out. After their heated make out sesh, Adams squats down on the bathroom floor to gorge on the ginormous groin, gagging gorgeously along the wank worthy way. He can't quite fit the entire phallus down his tiny twink throat, but makes up for it by working the balls and licking the long length. Kevin crouches down to deliver some loving licks to Adams' appendage which is already peeking out above his waistband. He deep throats the dude good, remembering to give a naughty gnaw on the kid's cum heavy nads. Then, Collin spins around to plant his perfect little pucker in the penis heavy hunk's face. Daley absolutely devours the twink's tasty booty as Adams is bent over the bathroom counter stroking his schlong and moaning for more. He spreads the boy's alabaster ass cheeks and gives the kid the full tongue fuck treatment before standing up with his humongous hog in hand.

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