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Peter Plays Ball


I hurt my wrist warming up. It got really painful so coach iced me up and told me to take the day off. I sat in my dorm that day with a dull pain so rather than worry and overthink it, I just walked across campus to have it checked out for good measure. A young nurse guy walked in and at first I thought I was being punked but no, he was for real. He explained he was getting his intern hours so it all made sense then. He checked me out but things got weird real quick when he grabbed my dick. At first I hesitated but, I was so fucken horny that I stopped giving a shit and let 'em suck my dick. He was pretty good...never had my dick sucked by a dude before; felt kinda nice. Not different than any other time I had my dick sucked. I think I might like this college clinic.

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