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Our Little Secret 2


So I wasn't gonna miss out on those fifty bucks cause this dude didn't bust in the sample tin so, we came up with the idea for me to cum in the tin...that way we could both get paid. I grabbed him by the neck and forced him to his knees. He seemed to get off on that so I made him sniff my sweaty jock..the scent from my balls made his eyes roll to the back of his head and get another hard on but, fuck that! It was his turn to service my dick. I forced his head into my crotch and made him take every inch of my thick pre-cuming one point I made him choke so bad he mighta swallowed his own puke but, I didn't give a fuck I just wanted my meat deep in his throat. He picked up the prostate simulator that was on the table and slowly inserted in me. I'm not gonna lie, that felt real good massaging the inside of my hole. I busted hard when he sucked my meat and played with my prostate at the same time. Let's hope the doc doesn't find out about the switch.

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