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Gym Buds 3


I was at the gym with my buddy Mason and was telling him how tight things are for me this week cause I had to fix my scooter to get around town and work. He mentioned that he got a hundred bucks last week by donating his sperm at the school clinic. At first I thought he was crazy but he showed me the flyer and I was intrigued. After thinking about it for a minute I figured what the heck. After filling out a few papers in the clinic, I was lead to an exam room where Mason and I waited for the doctor. I hated going to the docs so I asked him to wait with me. In walks the doc I've seen at the campus cafeteria. He explains the gig and even offers Mason a fifty dollar referral fee. I was so nervous but it was also my chance to suck Mason's huge cock. I'd seen him showering at the gym and I was thirsty for it...little did I know he would suck mine instead! I couldn't believe how good he licked my hole...I envied his girlfriend cause this dude can do some tricks with his tongue. It was a fantasy come true. I busted my load like a fountain...the fucked up thing is..I didn't get any of it in the specimen jar...what do I do now?!

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