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Lazy Boy Bitch Seeded Deep
Some residents you almost feel sorry for. It's apparent by their demeanor, accent, and general habits that they didn't have a fair shake growing up. This one I can just imagine him living in a vey run down small old house on a street filled with unkept yards and cars on cinderblocks. When I try to imagine what the inside of the place looks like, I shudder. Unwashed clothes draped on the furniture, thick, grimy dust collecting on almost every surface, and junk dispersed on every area of floor except for a winding path from room to room. So, it's no wonder when you get guys like this one, who rarely washes his clothing and whose living space is beyond a mess. Well, I'm not saying that cleanliness is next to godliness; however, a clean and orderly outer life is definitely necessary for an orderly inner life. And an orderly inner life is an important key to recovery. So, we insist here at the House that the guys not only do their best to keep it clean, but that they go above and beyond. Usually this is a tall order, so I particularly relish getting onto guys for living in a state of disrepair. Sometimes it's only through a good dressing-down that they even begin to take it seriously. Even after a huge smackdown, though, they are usually back to their former selves within a week.


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