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Dick Pic Fun 3


I was just hanging out playing with my new cell phone and decided to snap some dick pics and send to my girlfriend but to my surprise, my buddy Zachary enters the room and me being horned up I told Zachary to start sucking my cock. It didn't take long for him to get down on his knees and get between my legs and rub my crotch and unbutton my shorts and playing with my dick. Zachary really knows how to suck cock because he was jerking me and slurping on my meat and it felt really good, better then my girlfriend. He seemed to like me smacking my cock on his face and we both laughed but then my dick got super hard and I was close to busting my load so I grabbed my cock and jerked it off and came, I notice Zachary was pulling on his dick and he just got up and came all over my leg. I think my new cell phone camera is going to work out just great.

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