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Sleepy Eyes 3


Today we welcome back Tyrese Reed. He is a hot and horny boy with a great naturally toned smooth body. Tyrese needed to crash at my house for the night so I let him stay the night. One thing I like about Tyrese, he loves to sleep in his tighty whitie undies. I decided to wake him up and peak on him and check out his body and hoping to get a look at his morning wood tenting in those undies. To my surprise, Tyrese was waking up already grabbing his bulge. He starts by playing with his cock in his white undies as I can see its growing. He peels those off to give us a look at his cock and we get to his more of his smooth body and his cock and low hanging balls. He starts off slow playing with his cock as he runs his hand over his hard toned body. He soon got a look of pleasure on his face which I found erotic as hell while working his meat in his hands. As I watch this toned boy working his meat I was really impressed how he jerked him self off and his moaning and groaning and his breathing started to increase. He really gave me a good show by moving around on the bed as he continued taking slow long strokes of his cock. I knew it was a matter of time that he was ready to bust his load. When you combine that with his moans it was any moment and with a few more strokes his body tensed up and cum load after cum load shot out of his very hard throbbing cock and more cum continued to ooz out of his cock after he came.

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