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The Surfer And The Nerd Part 2


Today on site we have Kurt and Bruno together in our spare bedroom all cuddled up after a night of fun! Kurt work up first so he decides to enjoy Bruno's tanned body while he snoozes away the morning hour. If I had a hot body like that lying next to me I'd take full advantage of the situation wouldn't you? He takes his time getting into Bruno's undies. Slowly lifting the sheets off and pulling his undies down getting to his very nice looking cock. It looks even better once he jerks it until it gets rock hard. Once that dick is hard he can't stop touching, jerking, and sucking it. Once he placed that cock into his mouth he couldn't take it out. It was so warm and thick that Kurt just sucked and sucked on that meat. Bruno wakes up for course and enjoys his morning blowjob as he squirms and pumps his hips as Kurt sucks and strokes the cock. He continues to suck and jerk on that hard cock until Bruno explodes his cum all over Kurts hands and his stomach as Kurt continues to pump out all of Bruno's cum. Watch the next update for Kurt's turn with a great surprise!

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