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One For The Road - Part 2
Since Angelo was such a great sport and had Zach suck his cock as his wake up call to catch a flight, Zachary wanted his cock sucked before they left to the airport so you can say this was "one for the road". Since Angelo never sucked cock before, he started out stroking Zach's cock and sucking his nipples at first and to Zach's surprised both boys started to make out. Then Angelo removed the shorts and placed his hot lips onto Zach's cock, slowly Angelo sucked and teased Zach's cock working his lips to Zach's ball sac sucking so gently teasing the cock and balls drove Zachary more hornier and his cock was throbbing but with Angelo sucking slow and teasing his cock, Zach was moaning and groaning as Angelo sucked the cock and jerked him off. Angelo really loves making love to his partner with lots of kissing and sucking of the nipples and teasing his partners cock. Zach was really enjoying the make out session and was getting into Angelo to the point that Zach tensed up and as Angelo continued sucking Zach's cock with a few more strokes, Zach let out a grunt and started spurting out loads of cum shooting it onto his stomach to make for a great wake up call.


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