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Evan And Kevin
Evan Cook and Kevin Klein were snuggling on the sofa when Kevin ducks his head under the covers and starts giving Evan some surprise attention. As the cover is pulled back Kevin is oh so tenderly going up and down on Evans long, thick cock; his own dick already rigid and at attention. After some incredible servicing Evan pushes Kevin back on the sofa and returns the favor as he sucks every inch of Kevins cock deep down his throat. Evan wants some of Kevins ass; but, first hes got to get it ready for his thick piece of meat. He pushes Kevins legs back and buries his tongue deep into Kevins hole working it in and out. When Evan thinks Kevin is ready he motions for Kevin to kneel on the sofa, slides in behind him and slowly; but, forcefully pushes his cock deep into Evans waiting ass. These two studs go at it in three different positions and with each one Evan is driving Kevin closer to the edge. Evans balls tighten and he pulls out of Kevins ass and almost immediately his cock begins erupting jizz all over Kevins back and ass. Even before the cum dries, Kevin flips over on the sofa, grabs his thick, erect cock and as he begins jerking it. He shoot an incredible load of cum all over his chest and stomach.


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